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mossagate's Journal

Tendrils of Moss

Tendrils of Moss
10 May 1978
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80s music, a life less ordinary, alias, alice hoffman, angelina jolie, animal planet, anime, antiques, apoptygma berserk, assemblage 23, bamboo, barret oliver, beading, being barefoot, blue, bubbles, bunnies, carebears, carnivale, cats, cherry pepsi, china, clay, clive owen, cold weather, crayons, crocheting, crushed velvet, dancing, danny boyle, dead like me, dennis danvers, dogs, dragonflies, drizzle, ebay, elephants, enchiladas, erasure, erotica, f. scott fitzgerald, faeries, fairies, fish, flea markets, fog, forests, garage sales, gardening, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, gir, glitter, goldfrapp, hal hartley, hello kitty, holding hands, indie movies, ireland, jackie chan, jason statham, jean reno, joan of arcadia, katherine heigl, kinuko craft, kipper, laughing, launchcast, lightning, lilo & stitch, lobelia, lotr, maxfield parrish, monty python, moonstones, moss agates, movies, my brother, neal stephenson, new order, new wave, night skies, ocean, office space, orchids, painting, pajamas, pet shop boys, peter jackson, poetry, pottery, puddles, quilts, rain, random lj, retro, rhinestones, ryo-ohki, ryoko, seashells, silent film stars, silent films, sleeping, slippers, smurfs, snorks, snugglies, stars, stephen mackey, storms, swimming, t.v., tahitian treat, tealberry candles, tenchi, the 80's, the beta band, the neverending story, the rock, the x-files, thrift shops, thunder, tori amos, travel, twizzlers, u2, underworld, vintage, vintage clothing, vnv nation, water, waterfalls